Studio Kelimé

We are an ethical and positive brand and our dream is to spread a contagious good mood. We wanted to create a lifestyle brand inspired by the French Casual Chic that reflects our values and personality. We love luscious colors and well cut pieces offering a natural elegance without having to try too hard.

We think it is better to treat ourselves every now and then with a quality piece of clothing which will last as long as old (and organic) wine rather than over-consuming fast-fashion that will perish after 3 washes.

We love Chic and Rock&Roll Girls, who always have a huge smile and a strong charisma.

Caroline de Maigret, Violette_fr, Emma Sawko and Angèle, this is our love declaration to you!

We want to spread love to our beautiful planet, to nature and to animals…And no, in 2020 it is not hippy anymore to have an eco-conscious soul, it is just obvious!

For this reason we have chosen in Turkey next to the city of Izmir, a pioneer for more than twenty years producing organic cotton. By choosing organic cotton we save 2430 litres of water for every t-shirt (yes this number is quite breathtaking!) and we also guarantee a responsible production, without any pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

#savetheplanet #noplanb


Beatrice – Studio Kelimé Founder (living the dream)


KELIMÉ is a nod to Turkey.

In Turkish, STUDIO KELIMÉ means the STUDIO of words because our collections highlight words inspiring the joy of living and the drive to make your dreams come true #dreambig


Béatrice is always on the move. Born near Paris, she grew up in the West Indies, studied yoga in the United States, lived in France and then in Dubai. Since she was a little girl, she has dreamed of becoming a businesswoman travelling all over the world. Working for the most prestigious beauty and fashion brands, she fulfills her dream and travels to more than 70 different countries.

She enjoys entrepreneurship and slow life.  She loves to travel around the world but also needs nature to remain anchored in her philosophy of life.

It is in Turkey, in Alaçati, a gorgeous village bathed in sunshine, where she eventually chooses to settle.

She loves colors, nature, animals and creates mood boards. What if, by combining her sense of harmony and joyful spirit with her love for design and nature, she could offer something new? Then she imagines a sustainable fashion brand infused with a chic and positive mindset. By launching Studio Kelimé, she hopes to spread good vibes through fun and joyful mantras. She designs each print herself, playing with nuances just like when she paints watercolors. And if you ask her what her favorite object is, she will with no doubt answer her pantone, a folder containing samples of colourful cottons.

Caring and passionate, Béatrice is also the “mother” of 4 cats and a dog that she and her Turkish companion have lovingly adopted from shelters. #adoptdontshop


Studio Kelime Tee-shirt Femme coton biologique Green Vibes

Always favour natural and organic components

Our 100% organic cotton is GOTS certified, which means that the organic origin of the fabric fibers is controlled and approved by an independent official authority.

Use manufacturing processes which are environmentally-friendly.

The manufacture of our garments is carried out in compliance with very demanding environmental and social criteria.

Offer unique, beautiful and comfortable designs, produced in limited quantities to avoid any waste.

Our cotton jersey is produced especially for us with tailor-made knitting and dying.

Be aware, this means that stock shortages are likely, so if you fancy a model, do not hesitate! #fashionisaboutbeingunique

Choose the most beautiful and long-lasting fabrics to create basics which will stay in your closet for a long time.


And above all, to share our success by doing good around us and in particular by supporting a cause that is very dear to us, the protection of animals.

For this reason, we have chosen to donate 1% of our turnover to PETS IN TURKEY, a non-profit association that collects and finds foster families in Europe for hundreds of abandoned cats and dogs in Turkey. #adoptdontshop

Do not hesitate to visit their website as they are doing a wonderful job in the Izmir region, which is our homeland at heart: it’s here.